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  • I find this just a tad pessimistic. Many foratcs mitigate against the chaotic future you speak of, chief among them are the the interests of China and Russia.Also, the monetary system is different today. Hard currency is not the foundation of money system.I can imagine several situations that include the loss of American ability to project power but, do not end up in major war.China (and the U.S.) forget that in a customer to seller relationship the ultimate power is in the hands of the customer, unless the seller has alternate buyers. But there are no other markets to compare with America in the world today, and there are not likely to be any in the near future.Therefore, China is likely to continue to act in ways that they see as in their self interest, but this will include not letting THEIR source of oil vanish or their biggest customer fall completely apart.And in the other direction China itself could suffer a collapse that leads to more than one country being formed. This would relieve the U.S. of debt pressure AND throw open the door for other nations to re-bid for all those billions and billions worth of contracts.In any case it is far from time for such hand wringing in my opinion. Where the Lord closes the door, somewhere a window opens.And to Zenster, unless ” MORE TROUBLE TO LIVE WITH MUSLIMS THAN TO LIVE WITHOUT THEM” is your way of saying “Being actively, openly and unrelentingly made war upon by them” I have to say that you are probably as much of a potential evil in our culture as the Islamists.Can you tell me what other people of history you feel would have been less trouble if exterminated so that we might better understand your position?

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